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XR is the future!

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Dennis Taylor (Dencho)

Professor of Artificial Intelligence

Stanford University


Born with the name Dennis, his mother always called him Dencho. Dennis started tinkering in 1998 with changing parameters in GameBoy games 8/10 times breaking title after title. With the power of his PC he was able to strip down the Xbox360s hard drive, connect it via a simple SATA cable and modify game data. Dencho made things but mostly broke things. Even hosting a modified map in Halo 2 to act as a “Race Track” would get him banned from online play. “Why should we play the same map when we can change it?” is what he thought at the time. Thank goodness Map Editing became a thing because some of the maps Dennis made caused xbox’s to freeze and crash… Eventually Dencho found himself facing the threat of a cease and desist letter through hosting modified private servers of certain MMORPG(s), which of course caused him to stumble upon a new hobby, he finnaly found Unity 3D v3.4f1. He dabbled every now and then with Unity3D up until college. It wasn’t until Dennis graduated that he realized developing applications is the job he’d do until game-over.

[Insert Long Story of Developing products with free startups, an ex-wife, and as a FreeLancer here…]


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Procedural Automation && Generation
  • Network Communications


  • Associates in Network Security, 2016

    Whatcom Community College

  • BS In Computer Science, 2018

    DigiPen Institute of Technology

  • Uniy Certified, 2015